Imagine the land

Imagine the Land, works to explore and observe intersections of nature and culture by inaugurating place and offering connection to it through experiential play. The collaboration of Karma Barnes and Ekarasa Doblanovic researches, collects and sets up installation projects that employ many types of soil and minerals culled from innumerable locales. Sometimes on their own, but more often in participation with the public, they set in motion open-ended drawing processes that give participants an opportunity to experience personal sensory and conceptual responses to notions of temporality, nature, spirituality and creative play toward a common goal. Each sample of dirt becomes part of a tapestry of pigments, and is significant not only for its colour and texture, but also as a reference to the place from which it originates, as well as for the possible cultural meanings associated with that mineral and its source." -Carol Schwarzman- Arts Critic
Imagine the Land Project develops site specific collaborative and interactive installations by investigating the local environment, consulting and collaborating with the local community. The process references and draws from time honored techniques and materials in a contemporary context engaging participants and viewers on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. The project has recently produced public works with over 500 participants in both New Zealand and Australia.
The tread lightly and transient nature of these pieces has its own appeal in that the installation materials will be returned to the natural world and decomposed as part of the natural cycle, exploring the illusionary boundaries of time and space. We wish to transmit the delicate characteristics and implications of connectedness and responsibility, and how time (impermanence) and a palpable relationship to the earth can enhance our connection and perception of our environment.

Selected Biography

Tocca la terra/Imagine the Land participatory art installation at MACRO ASILO Ambiente #2 Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Italy

Whanui-Imagine the Land at Auckland Arts Festival
in collaboration with Age Concern and Lynfield College, Auckland, New Zealand 2018

National Child Protection Week, YWCA NSW National Launch Public Art Installation Project
Lismore, NSW, Australia

One One, Te Uru, West Auckland Regional Gallery
Exhibition and participatory arts and environmental educational workshops, Auckland, New Zealand

Ambassador for the Terzo Paradiso/ Rebirth-day
1er Forum Rebirth "Geografias de la transformacion", Havana, Cuba.

Maati Ma- Festival of Soil, Bhoomi Festival
Exhibition of Imagine the Land Projects work in conjunction with the Navdanya Foundation. India International Center, New Delhi, India.

Participatory installation project, Byron Bay, Australia.

Metamorphosis - Third Paradise
In conjunction with international collaboration project- Terzo Paradiso-Rebirth Day Project and Michelangelo Pistoletto.
Woodford Folk Festival, Participatory Installation Project, Queensland, Australia.

La Rosa Park Day-lighting Project
Participatory installation project, with West Auckland Schools, Wai Care, commissioned project by Auckland City Council, Auckland, New Zealand

Third Paradise and the Rebirth
Imagine the Land’s work presented as part of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s exhibition; Year 1: Earthly Paradise, Louvre, 2013. Presented at the Rebirth-day exhibition at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Walking Trees
Lines in the Sand Arts Festival, Stradbroke Island, Australia

Participatory installation project, Byron Bay, Australia.

Corbans Estate.
Participatory installation project, Auckland, New Zealand.

What Lies Beneath
Installation exhibition and participatory public program commissioned project by Lopdell House, Lopdell House, Auckland, New Zealand.

Formed by Fire
Participatory Installation Project, Woodford Folk Festival, Queensland, Australia.

Rare Earth Foundation, Yarrabah Indigenous Community Installation, Queensland Australia.

Earth Rhythms - Third Paradise
In conjunction with international collaboration project- Terzo Paradiso-Rebirth Day Project and Michelangelo Pistoletto. Exhibition and participatory public program, The Wallace Gallery, Waikato, New Zealand

Cavinbah, NAIDOC Day, Participatory Installation Project, Byron Bay, Australia.

Mandala of Life and Death, Death and Diversity exhibition
Installation exhibition. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Environmental Sustainability Fund- Auckland Unitec. Museum of Land and Sea, Wellington, New Zealand

Kaipara Sculpture Garden
Installation project and public program, supported by Environmental Sustainability Fund, Auckland Unitec. Auckland, NZ

Sky Above, Earth Below
Environmental Sustainability Fund- Auckland Unitec, Waitakaruru Sculpture Garden, Waikato, New Zealand.

Participatory Installation Project, ANZATA conference, Matar Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.

The Wallace Gallery Morrinsville Art Festival
Participatory Public Program, The Wallace Gallery, Waikato NZ

Installation; Karma Barnes, Ekarasa Doblanovic in collaboration with James Nash, Maurice van Cooten. Waitakaruru Sculpture Park & Arboretum Waikato, NZ

Te Huihuinga Hakui, Indigenous Grandmothers Gathering, Auckland NZ.

Sacra Terra
Installation, interactive exhibition & panel presentation on Eco-Aesthetics.
TINA Arts Festival, Newcastle, Australia

Raglan Wharf Project
Participatory Public Program, supported by Creative Communities Waikato, Raglan, NZ

Mas alla des la palabras- Beyond Words
Desert installation project and public program as artist in residence Karma Barnes & Catalina Garcina. Villa De Leyva, Colombia

Sonando con el desierto- Dreams in the Desesrt
Installation exhibition and artist in residence research presentation
Antonio Narino Museum, Villa De Leyva, Colombia

Weaving the Circle Exhibition,
Installation exhibition, Wellington Fringe Festival Art Award: Highly Commended. Supported by Kakano/Creative New Zealand. Wellington Wharf, Shed 13, Wellington Fringe Festival of the Arts Wellington, New Zealand.


Bhoomi the Living Soil- Vandana Shiva, Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology, 2015

Michelangelo Pistoletto. “Année 1, la paradis sur terre” Published by Musee de Louvre, France 2012

Rebirth Day Montage Video (2013), Maurizio Pellegrini.

Global Citizens, Creative Arts Text, Insights & Interactive Activities (2013)
Jo Murphy, Amazon, Australia.


Lines in the Sand Artist Residency, Stradbroke Island, Australia.

International Artist Residency Program (RESARTIS) El Hayelo, Colombia. Development of site-specific environmental installations in Colombian desert.


"Whanui" Imagine the Land, MoCA Cultural Association Venice, Italy.

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